Our Services

Our Services

Cachita Universal Studios is unique

Do you need space and amenities, Cachita Universal Studios is the place. Cachita Studios capacities on sound-stages, flex spaces, and multiple facilities allow us to work with all production sizes, and to offer competitive rates. CUS is a non-union facility that operates as a production hub, assisting you throughout the entire production process, planning all logistics from pre to post-production, based on your needs, and that of your budget, to help secure that your dreams come true.

Our services:

  • Quality studio spaces and production equipment for affordable rates
  • Film lighting & grip,
  • Camera Kit, camera support, and photography equipment (available for rent as requested)
  • Production crew
  • Management services
  • Hiring talent
  • Set designers
  • Post-production team
  • VIP Transportation
  • City Permits & logistic
  • Stunt Services
  • Other equipment rentals
  • Catering services providers

Site plan: First and Second Floor